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Our History

What does have to do with water heaters?

While shopping for a new water heater at a well-known home center, one of our founders tracked down a sales associate to inquire about the differences between a water heater with a 9-year warranty and one with a 12-year warranty.  The sales associate dutifully looked at the boxes for both products and studied the in-store display before shrugging and giving his answer: “3 years.” 

Frustrated, our founder thanked the sales associate and pulled out his smart phone to search for more information.  After about 15 frustrating minutes, he decided that the sales associate might be correct.  But he also realized that the manufacturers were missing a valuable opportunity.  He was standing in a retail store, ready to buy a water heater, but was unable to get the information he needed to make an informed purchasing decision.  He left without buying a water heater, but with the idea for a new business. 

At, we believe that if manufacturers connect with consumers at the point of purchase, they will sell more.  Moreover, we believe that the manufacturers will learn a lot about what their consumers want and how they think about the purchases that they make. provides its clients with an easy way to make that connection. lets manufacturers invite their consumers to talk with them, and provides the manufacturers with the tools they need to make the interaction worthwhile. was officially organized in August of 2011.  It will go live with its first client in Fall 2011.